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Post by Misty on Tue Apr 26, 2011 5:01 pm

This is the black book, where we list the people who repeatedly got caught laming/cursing/spamming.

We have 3 groups, the black booked, the outlawed and the banned.

The black booked got repeatedly reported, or reported with convincing evidence and will be exactly watched by the admin's. It's their last chance and when they get caught again, they will be outlawed or even banned.

Black Booked

The outlawed lost all their rights on the server. They dont need to expect any help of admin's or anything, quite the contrary, admin's are allowed to mute, jail and ban them without any reason!
Admins are also allowed to edit their accounts if they see a reason for it.


The banned are the extreme cases. They went to far and got permanently banned from the server, if they can change their ip to get back on the server, THEY HAVE TO BE KICKED!


Banned Clans
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