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Post by Misty on Fri Apr 22, 2011 3:38 am

Admin's keep law and order, to clean the server from lamers and make it nice and friendly for everyone. However, we do know that some players want to play in less friendly way, so as long as everyone who's involved agrees to other terms, we have no problem with that (for details, check Server Rules. Admin's gain their powers for the work they do and the better they do their work, the faster they gain higher levels and more powers.

- Admin's may use their force against clients, if its needed to keep order.
- Admin's are NOT allowed to abuse their powers.
- An admin is not allowed to use his powers in a tourny, ffa, duel, quest.
- For admin's apply the same rules as for everyone else too.
- An admin should never use his powers against other admin's.
- Admin's are not allowed to lame jailed people.
- Admin's have to wear their tags aslong as they use their admin account.
- Admin's have to bring the same respect to clients, than to everyone else.

Its most important for a clan, that the admin's follow the rules, otherwise the clan will end in big chaos. If you see an admin not following the rules, please screen and report it to The Immortals.


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