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Post by Totlin on Mon Apr 18, 2011 9:14 am

Part One: Requirements

1. You must have 10 hours on the server. (You can check how much time you have by typing /stats into the console.)
- If you do not have 10 hours on server before you apply, you will automatically be denied.

2. You must have a good record on the server. No player in the Blackbook will apply.

3. You must have read, understood, and accepted our rules. (Rules can be found here.)

Part Two: Writing the Application

1. Start a new topic in the Recruitment Centre.

2. Use your name as the title. (I.E. Totlin's Application)

3. Copy and paste the following form into your application:

Names on the server:
Past Clans:
Time on the server:
Friends in the clan:
Reason for joining:
Special skills:
I read/understand our rules:
I read/understand the Recruiting Process topic:


Names on the server: Totlin
Age: 16
Country: USA
Past Clans: RS, FG, Eternal, NoX
Time on the server: 1008:46
Friends in the clan: Misty, Kukazu, Zeratul, The_Emperror
Reason for joining: Love this clan, want to help as much as I can.
Special skills: Graphic Design
I read/understand our rules: Yes
I read/understand the Recruiting Process topic: Yes

4. Be sure to fill out all of the fields of the form.

5. Submit the topic.

Part Three: Recommendations

It is recommended that you:
-Be active on the forum
-Be active on the server
-Become friends with admins and Novices
-Frequently visit your application to answer questions
-Follow every rule
-Show patience and respect towards the recruiters
-Help others

How to Apply Dreamon

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