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Post by Totlin on Mon Apr 18, 2011 9:03 am

1. No laming.

- Laming is defined as attacking a player who does not have a weapon out or has a chat box above their head.

- Three pushes/pulls also count as a lames. Unnecessary continued use of Force Drain also counts as a lame.

- Laming jailed people is allowed.

NOTE: You may lame as long as you ensure 1st that your target doesn't mind being lamed. Admins won't interfere unless a victim of laming gives a complaint. Therefore, revenge laming is allowed, to an extent.
However, use common sense, if you don't know someone, assume that he/she doesn't want to be lamed (especially we do not tolerate laming Padawans (except mass-lamers who hide under Padawan name), or anyone who due to low level or being new to the server has problems with defending him/herself).

2. No swearing, unnecessary vulgar language is just that; unnecessary.

3. Speaking in other languages on the server is okay. However, swearing in other languages is not acceptable.

NOTE: Rules no. 2 and 3 apply to direct insulting, random swearing not above extent is not considered rulebreaking

4. No advertising other clans.

5. No impersonating admins.

6. Do not interfere with admin work. (I.E. killing / talking frozen players.)

7. Always listen to admins.

8. Do not wear RS tags unless you are a member.

9. Do not steal vehicles.

10. Do not steal quests or attack other people in the quest.

11. Respect other players.

12. No hacking.

13. No spamming.

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