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Post by Misty on Mon Apr 18, 2011 8:49 am

Revolutionary Souls 2

It All Began In June, 2008, A clan Named Collateral Damage had fallen after it's leader had fallen into darkness, as the clan died a new clan risen to fight for the friendships that had been made within Collateral Damage.

The clan grew powerful and kept the strong family together with a new leader GIJoke, but in March, 2010 the clan began to fall after GIJoke retired. In panic of their loss of their beloved leader, the members thought that, that was the end. Out of fear the clan members split up into different clans and soon began to forget about the once powerful clan they was once in with their friendships that was more powerful than anything.

But Now In hope to restore some of the friendships and memories made within the {RS}, Revolutionary Souls 2 was created, bring back the powerful army's, The Immortals, The Creators Army, The Naturals Army, The Lenients Army, The Infinites Army & The Strangers Army.

From The Start...

To The End...?

Or A New Beginning?

Video's By Kukazu

( Cookie I love you )

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